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or more than twenty years, he was to follow passionately every concert and each rehearsal of the maestro, particularly in New York, where he was forced to take refuge from the Anschluss. This was how he came to take over 1200 photographs, with the implicit help of the orchestra, but without the great man's knowledge. "Toscanini detested photography. He had once been dazzled by a flash bulb, and since then had forbidden any photographer from entering the concert hall. But as he was near-sighted, I was able to place myself between the legs of the trumpeter to take my photos."

hen Toscanini died, a great homage was paid to him at Carnegie Hall. In the foyer there was an immense reproduction of one of the photographs Hupka had taken of him. Standing next to Toscanini's assistant, Robert Hupka said to him: "It's a good job he didn't know I was taking all those pictures!" "Oh, but he did know" replied the assistant. Because the photographer was Robert Hupka, the Maestro had for ten years pretended not to notice...

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