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Creating an Account

You may ask for creating an account using the self registering form. We will ask you for some personal data when registering.

Thess data are managed according to the french law "informatique et libertés" n° 78-17 of January the 6th 1978, and so can be changed and asked for at any time by the user.

These data are NEVER communicated to any entity nor organisation excepting the writing comitee of the Pieta.org Web. They will not be given to any commercial company.

Keeping contact data private

Mail addresses and phone numbers you will mention in your account can be hidden when your "identity" is associated to published information. Just mark the relevant checkboxes in your personal profile.

The Pieta.org Web may dispatch to your mail address some messages or mails from other users. If you mark your mail address as being private, your mail address will not be given to the message senders.

You may avoid receiving any notification nor message from us checking the mail notification disabling checkbox.

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