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he Robert Hupka's Website is a private initiative for a quality designed information ans cultural space, investing a good knowledge in Internet technologies. The Arstella Publishing Company was also mainly created to support and promote the exhibition event presenting Robert Hupka's photo collection. Benefits of the publishing activity is mostly reengaged in this mission.

hus it is the goal of all this enterprise to collect means and structures to go on providing the best quality we can with the time we can afford.

onating to the webmaster's team will :

  • For 1 euro : help us to support charges for maintenance and hosting of the Web space.
  • For 2 euros : help us to develop the site content, cultural, multimedia and interactive gifts and activities and translations.
  • For 5 euros : contribute to our technological developments for an easy to use, generic, versatile and intuitive content management system, enhancing multilingual and multicultural support, help us to get trainees from information technology schools who will help us to develop the web site and its infrastructure, and whon we will transmit some of our experience.

oreover, will you support our path that trends to predominance of rigor, exactness, effort and quality, either in the visible (texts and images) and the invisible (code, reliability, data organisation, ergonomy) over immediate and salvage rentability, opportunism, race to speed, power, domination.

ust for information, this Web Site version needed some 600 to 800 hours of work... just for Beauty.

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1 euro gift

Technical maintenance

2 euros gift

Content improvement, translations

5 euros gift

Technical innovation and development
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