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Silver medal at Sappi Awards
Printer European Challenge
when first published in 1997.

"A portfolio of uncommon beauty. An instant of raw emotion."
(L'Express, December the 18th - 1997)

"The superb craftsmanship of the large format reproduction gives an astonishing vision of the sculpture, which the eye cannot apprehend."
(Le Monde, Supplément Beaux Livres, 11 décembre 1997)

"Pure emotion... perhaps no other work derived from masterpieces of art has achieved the strength of these symbolic images."
(Museum Expressions, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, Février 1998)

"This [portfolio] takes into the mystery of this inexhaustible work".
(Le Figaro, 11 décembre 1997)

"Twelve of the best prints, on free standing mounts, allow one to make a 'vertiginous dive into the heart of beauty' - that of the Pieta"
(Le Pèlerin Magazine, 12 décembre 1997)

"This luxurious portfolio includes twelve of the superb photographs which Robert Hupka took of Michelangelo's Pieta... These life size pictures underline the purity of line and the harmony of the statue."
(La Procure, Sélection Beaux Livres, Novembre 1998)

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